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    Bitcoin has long been the flagbearer for all Cryptos, and since its 2009-inception it has garnered significant media attention thanks to its unpredictable nature and enormous daily swings. Other Cryptos have swiftly followed in its footsteps, and there are now thousands of Cryptocurrencies that share these similar characteristics that make them so attractive to traders. At GMI, we offer tight spreads and leverage of up to 1:20 on all Crypto markets.

    Crypto commissions CUT in HALF

    Market Spreads And Pricing

    InstrumentNameSpreads as low as
    BNBUSDTproBinance Coin0.01
    BCHUSDTproBitcoin Cash0.01
    ETCUSDTproEthereum Classic0.001
    FILUSDTproFile Coin0.001


    What are Cryptos?

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    Cryptos are unique digital currencies based on Blockchain technology. Blockchain is a decentralized technology that manages and records transactions by spreading them across many computers.

    Are there any swap values?

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    Yes, Swaps may be adjusted according to market conditions and rates provided by our Liquidity Provider, applicable to all open positions.

    What is the Leverage/Margin Requirement?

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    1:20 leverage offered , Margin requirement: Lot size * Contract Size * Opening price /20

    What commissions are applicable when trading cryptos? NEW!

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    Commission charges are now 0.16% per round lot traded instead of 0.32% Lot *Opening Price * Contract Size * 0.16%

    Example Margin when open a position?

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    Account base currency: USD Position: Open 1 lot BUY BTCUSDT at 23000 1 Lot size: 1 Bitcoin Leverage 1:20 Margin required: 1 * 1 * 23000 /20 = 1150 USD

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